Custom Consoles SteelBase Desks Selected for Middle East Oil Refinery

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January 20, 2020
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June 3, 2020
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Custom Consoles SteelBase Desks Selected for Middle East Oil Refinery

Custom Consoles reports continued demand from the power sector for SteelBase desks with a new order from a Middle East oil refinery. They were chosen by Dubai-based Middle East Control Services (MECS), an E&I EPC contractor in industrial projects such as oil and gas, which has operated in the Middle East for over 20 years.

“Custom Consoles’ SteelBase has achieved an industry-wide reputation for strong build quality, ergonomic excellence and attractive styling,” comments MECS’ principal electrical engineer. “It is also engineering-friendly with efficient cable ducting and easy equipment access from front and rear, saving time both during initial installation and throughout the life of the system.”

MECS has commissioned two desks as part of a modernisation project at the refinery’s technical control centre. These comprise a 5.3 metre wide main control desk and a 2.8 metre wide rectangular common control desk. The main control desk has an almost 180 degree curved footprint to ensure maximum visibility of multiple computer monitor displays. Every display is mounted on an independently articulated arm giving users the ability to reposition screens to match their specific preferences.

Supporting the desk rear are nine floor-to-worktop height computer housings, each fitted with a rear-facing low-noise ventilation fan. The worktop itself is finished in a hard-wearing dark blue laminate with black doors, end panels and edging. Screw-adjustable feet at front and rear corners of each bay pair allow compensation for any variations in control room floor level during initial installation or subsequent relocation.

Matching the style, construction and colour scheme of the main control desk, the rectangular common control desk comprises six in-line bays, again with rear-facing ventilation fans. Configured for used by three operators, it incorporates a three-wide array of 24 inch computer monitors, again positioned on individually adjustable Ergotron support arms. Space for a laser printer is provided above the left-hand support panel.

Custom Consoles’ SteelBase is a structured desking system allowing freeform configuration from a number of standard powder-coated steel base frames, providing a hard wearing ergonomic solution for control room consoles. Cable management is provided throughout the console with access via hinged removable doors to both front and rear. SteelBase desks are built to withstand the wear and tear of the utilities and marine industries while still providing ergonomic efficiency and attractive styling. They are built on extremely robust steel base frames with desktops surfaced in a choice of hard-wearing laminate, Marmoleum or Trespa. Each SteelBase desk is powder coated in textured black. All elements of SteelBase are guaranteed against component failure for five years of normal use. All SteelBase furniture meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO9241-5, EN527-1, 2 and 3 and BS EN ISO11064.


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