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Custom Consoles desks chosen for security control centre

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Custom Consoles announces the installation of two M Desk-Technical desks in a CCTV control room used for supervising traffic management and general safety at Portsmouth naval base.

“This contract is the latest in a long line of security-related orders,” comments Gary Fuller, Sales Manager at Custom Consoles. “The client requested two desks and storage cabinets from the Custom Consoles M Desk-Technical series. This product series allows effectively bespoke furniture to be specified without the high cost normally associated with one-off designs. The object with the entire range is to combine high structural quality with optimal ergonomics, both of which are essential to meet the needs of security staff on duty during long shifts. M Desk-Technical also combines attractive modern design which contributes to a pleasant working environment.”

Largest of the desks is a 7 x 3.5 metre unit in approximately E-plan, viewed from above, accommodating two forward-facing staff along the middle row and three forward-facing operators along the rear. The front row is a 1.5 metre wide x 740 mm high storage area located beneath two 42 inch video monitor panels and ten 20 inch LCD monitors. The second desk is a 3.5 metre width inline design seating two forward-facing supervisors. Each operator has three computers which are housed in storage cupboards along the left-hand wall. Additional storage in the form of a 3.5 metre wide six-door unit is located at rear.

Both desks and storage units are finished in maple. The entire installation was completed within five weeks of order.

Built to fit the space available, M Desk-Technical furniture is configured from a number of standard modules leaving only the worktops and any client-specific units to be constructed to meet individual requirements. Heavy-duty three-layer cable management with access panels runs along the entire desk width.

M Desk-Technical can be finished in maple veneer or textured grey. The desks are supported by extruded aluminium legs with integral floor-to-desk cable management. Worktops can be finished in a choice of materials. Available options include storage pedestals, computer housings, desktop equipment bays and flat-panel monitor mounts.

Founded in 1996, Custom Consoles Ltd is a UK-based independent manufacturer of security and process-control furniture. The company operates from a 1,200 square metre production facility equipped with 3D computer-aided-design and computer-controlled cutting machinery. Custom Consoles has built its name in the development and manufacture of bespoke furniture for a client base that includes governmental and corporate organisations in Britain, mainland Europe and Asia. The product range includes motorised, manually-adjustable and fixed-height units plus fan-cooled sound-insulated equipment housings. Custom Consoles Ltd is active worldwide.

The accompanying image shows an example of the furniture systems that can be configured from Custom Consoles’ M Desk-Technical range.

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