Custom Consoles furniture chosen for Qatar Television

Custom Consoles furniture chosen for Qatar Television

Custom Consoles has completed a major order for studio furniture to be installed at Qatar Television (Q-TV). The contract was placed by INC Broadcast, a leading systems integrator based in Kuwait. Four Module-R desks, two Media Walls and 14 monitor arms are included.

Completed at Custom Consoles’ headquarters in Leighton Buzzard, England, the furniture was shipped to INC Broadcast before being populated with technical equipment. Each of the Module-R desks is finished in maple with hard-wearing Marmoleum worksurfaces and satin-finished extruded-aluminium legs. The desk legs incorporate cable ducts rising from floor level and connecting with full-width lateral ducting.

Largest of the four Module-R units is a 4.5 metre wide production control desk configured for lighting manager, producer, graphics operator and teleprompter. A Thomson Grass Valley Kayak vision switcher is recessed to worksurface level in front of the producer. The production control desk incorporates four equipment bays plus three 19 inch LCD monitors mounted on Ergotron adjustable arms. The production desk is located in front of a 4.4 metre wide dual Custom Consoles Media Wall supporting no less than 32 19 inch LCD preview screens, two 26 inch picture monitors, 34 under-monitor-displays and a master clock. The screens are arranged in three horizontal rows above two four-door storage cabinets finished in matching maple.

Each of the other three Module-R desks is a 1.5 metre width single-seat three-bay unit configured for camera control, audio control and VTR control respectively. The camera control desk incorporates three equipment bays and faces a 2.2 metre wide single-unit Media Wall with eight 19 inch preview monitors, four 26 inch picture monitors, 12 UMDs and master clock plus four storage cupboards. VTR control is managed from a similar desk equipped with three equipment bays, four 19 inch LCD monitors on Ergotron arms, plus a 1.5 metre high two-drawer storage cabinet.

The fourth Module-R desk supports a Soundcraft audio mixing console and three 19 inch LCD video monitors with a a metre high single-bay equipment pod at forward right and angled two-door 1.5 metre high storage cabinet at immediate right.

“Custom Consoles’ Module-R met our desk, storage and display-screen requirements to the millimeter,” comments Aref Aotaibi, technical manager at INC Broadcast. “We found the company on the web and liked what we saw. Custom Consoles’ furniture is very attractively designed and robustly made. The Module-R equipment bays are easily accessible for initial installation as well as subsequent maintenance. We were impressed by the thought that had gone into cable ducting and by the speed of completion and delivery.”

Based in Kuwait City, INCĀ  was founded in 1995 and stands at the forefront of turnkey and broadcasting solutions. The company’s international branch in Qatar is responsible for marketing as well as providing support and management for projects in Qatar.

Founded in 1996, Custom Consoles Ltd is an independent company manufacturing a broad range of control- room furniture. This includes motorised, manually-adjustable and fixed-height units plus fan-cooled sound-insulated equipment housings. Custom Consoles has built its name in the design and manufacture of bespoke furniture to a client base that includes major corporations in Britain, mainland Europe and the Far East. Custom Consoles Ltd is active worldwide.

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