Custom Consoles desks chosen for Channel 4 playout facility

Custom Consoles desks chosen for  Channel 4 playout facility

Custom Consoles has completed a major order for two large desks placed  by Channel 4 Television in London. Both desks were custom-designed  and are located in a presentation suite and nearby operations room.

Robert Luggar, Technology Projects Manager at Channel 4 Television  explains:

“The new desks were commissioned as part of a technical  refurbishment of one of our playout facilities. Custom Consoles has  supplied many furniture installations to Channel 4’s headquarters and  was able to match the Channel’s requirements in this application.”

A seven-bay Custom Consoles desk in the presentation suite houses a  Pharos 15 inch control screen, Trilogy and Drake talkbacks and a  Pro-Bel presentation mixer. Eight 17 inch LCD panels are located  immediately above the desk, used in conjunction with three  wall-mounted 40 inch LCD picture monitors.

In the operations room, a 5 metre width Custom Consoles desk  houses all the technical support equipment required to control  routing, ingest to disk and playout. The desk can accommodate four  engineering staff.

Manufactured in spray-finished MDF, they incorporate cable  management ducts and provide easy access to equipment from front  and rear. They were delivered in pre-assembled sections for final  assembly onsite by Custom Consoles’ staff.

Custom Consoles ( manufactures a broad  range of studio and technical-support furniture including motorised,  manually adjustable and fixed-height units plus fan-cooled  sound- insulated equipment housings.

Contacts for further information:

Gary Fuller, Custom Consoles
t: +44 (0)1525 379 909