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Monitor Arms

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For over twenty years, Ergotron has designed workstations based on published ergonomic standards and scientific anthropometric data. With over 35 patents - including those for the first flat panel arms - Ergotron leads the industry in making workstations more comfortable for computer users around the world. Healthy computing with Ergotron helps prevent RSI and other screenwork related injuries.

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm
Durable polished aluminium construction! Tested to perform 10 times the expected life-cycle of other competitive brands at roughly half the price

LX Desk Stacking Arm
Durable polished aluminium consruction! Use this ingenious tool with your notebook and an external LCD or with two LCD's

LX Dual Side by Side Arm
Durable polished aluminium construction! Create a fully adjustable side-by-side configuration that lifts both LCD screens up to where they're easier to see while reclaiming valuable worksurface

LX Triple Display Lift Stand
Height and tilt adjustable, multi monitor desk stand. Three displays lift easily and tilt simultaneously on a single base while providing 13 cm of height adjustment. In a multi-display workplace the LX Triple Stand enables you to multi-task and keep control over more information while working in an ergonomic environment.

DS100 Dual-Monitor Desk Stand, Vertical
Conserve desk space by suspending two flat panels on a single base. Easily adjust the height and position of both screens to a comfortable, ergonomically appropriate position.

LX Large Display Cart - VHD Version
The height-adjustable Ergotron LX Large Display cart provides the versatility to move the display to the audience - transforming any space into a presentation or entertaining area. The 51 centimeters of effortless height adjustment enables the best ergonomically correct position for both seated and standing audiences.

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